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Jing: King Of Bandits
give me a kir royale!
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09.15.10(no subject)
misc; puppy; i got you a stick
Hey, all!

I’ve got a huge sales post up that includes some Jing merch as well as stuff from a lot of other fandoms. I’ve got the Anime Box set and a lot of the manga up for sale for cheap, so if you’re interested, please take a look!

HERE @ purasellsstuff

x-posted to a few communities, sorry if spamming occurs
Dancing Kitty
♪Axis Powers Hetalia (76)
♪Bleach (46)
♪Digimon (4)
♪Katekyou Hitman REBORN! (13)

♪King of Bandits Jing (24)
♪Naruto (29)

(First episode)

1 2 3 4

The rest are Here @ kingsnqueens
Hi, I'm new to this community! I made a cute AMV of Kir & jing. =u=

05.04.10(no subject)
「misc」☇poker face
[206] Icons
[41] Final Fantasy XIII [fanart]
[37] Heavenly Sword [Kai only]
[35] Kino's Journey
[20] King of Bandits Jing [fanart]
[60] Persona 4 [fanart]
[13] Stock

( i'm not a princess, not a cutie girlfriend oh no )
04.20.10 - IS ANYONE HERE?
ghost in the shell: stand alone complex


This is how I contribute to my favorite comms: icons and the occasional sarcastic remark here and there. I suspect the icons are more appreciated, thus I post them to make up for any past bitchiness. Enjoy~

One Piece x 26
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x 16
Baccano! x 7
King of Bandits Jing x 10

PREVIEW: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On Sleepless Roads the Sleepless Go 
【bandit】 gonna crash this party tonight
[09] Code Geass
[18] Darker Than Black
[09] Kiddy Girl-and
[22] King of Bandits Jing
[20] Stock (Dolls)

HERE @ mezzotintic
11.08.09(no subject)
drunk tiems
King of Bandit: Jing [x15]
Zippy Ziggy [x11]
South Park [x12]


Icons here @ wearecocks!
10.17.09 - Fanart Colouring
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop

jing's new digs

Also, does anyone know the original artist who did this piece?

09.26.09 - 15 KOBJ icons ;
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop

he wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack
+ 65 multifandom
code geass; eden of the east; king of bandits jing; persona 4
08.05.09 - [22] KOBJ Icons
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[301] Icons
[73] Code Geass [fanart]
[35] Chobits
[22) King of Bandits Jing [fanart]
[171] The Twelve Kingdoms [fanart]

( life in technicolor )
06.24.09 - [28] KOBJ Icons
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[313] Icons
[26] Code Geass
[30] Kiddy Grade
[28] King of Bandits Jing
[19] Miscellaneous
» [4] Ah! My Goddess
» [1] Inuyasha
» [12] Stock
» [1] XxxHolic
» [1] Xenosaga

[121] Tales of the Abyss
[89] The Twelve Kingdoms [fanart]

( such a lonely world )
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop
May I present for your enjoyment, a complete gallery of DVD-quality screencaps covering both the anime and the OVA. There's over 13,000 captures (13347, to be exact) sized at 720 X 480 resolution, no subtitles.

@ vitrioleuse
04.11.09 - DVD Screencaps
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop
I just wanted to say that since I FINALLY got my screencap program to accept DVD source, I've already started capping the whole anime AND the OVA, all DVD-quality images. So expect the whole bundle of them to be out by the first of the week! ♥


First five episodes are already posted!

SEE THEM HERE @ vitrioleuse
03.15.09 - request pic
Hello everybody. I'm new here and I found this ournal at chance on internet.
I have a request and if anyone could help me I'll be so grateful. I'm searching this pic in a better qualitypic under the cutCollapse )pic under the cutCollapse )
Does anyone have this?
Anyway thank you very much
Bye Bye ^_______________^
03.07.09 - Ch-ch-changes!
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop
Hi everyone! Just dropping you all a quick note to say that burnout_girl has most wonderfully allowed me to help out with the maintenance of this community. ♥ I've spent a couple days just tidying up the old posts in the comm, added a tagging system and added tags to all the past posts, and given the comm a mini!facelift by putting up a newer layout. Eventually I'll tackle a nice profile layout, but I wanted to see if anyone else had some suggestions! Is there anything you'd like to see in the community? I know this fandom is really quiet, but there's gotta be someone out there!
【disgaea】 as blue as a summer raindrop
Finally finally finally got around to finishing the next chapter of Reclaim The Stars, my JingxCassis claim for 24hour_themes. The first chapter can be read here, and feedback on this story so far would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Theme: 03:00 | 3AM Determination, especially in matters that seem to hold you back.
Title: Solicitude
Info: PG, 2097 words
Summary: The journey to Shouchu proves easy; what they discover is more difficult to accept.

Fingertips drummed unforgivingly on the wooden inlay of the windowsill...Collapse )
12.18.08(no subject)
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[245] Icons
[48] Avatar the Last Airbender
[102] Code Geass
[35] Christmas Themed
» Code Geass
» XxxHolic
» King of Bandits Jing
» Chobits
» Kino's Journey

[60] Kiddy Grade

( jingle bell swing and jingle bell ring )
11.18.08 - 12 TT icons
Hi all! After snatching up some lovely bases with credit to halfling_rogue from the previous entry, I got permission to colour them and so I bring you new 12 Twilight Tales icons. I plan to do more and they'll be reposted later in my icon journal, but I thought I'd share the ones I've completed here first. ♥

The rocks may melt and the seas may burn // if I should not return...Collapse )
11.15.08 - Heya, folks.
time for me to bind you
This is halfling_rogue joining with an RP account (so please don't go to this journal and leave comments).

Thought I should inform you all of my meagre collection of Jing scans and (considerably less meagre) collection of icons created from said scans over at hinderland, under the jing tag. There should be more forthcoming as soon as I have the chance to make more scans.
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