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Jing: King Of Bandits

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King Of Bandit Jing
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( k i n g . o f . b a n d i t s. )

Welcome to the King of Bandits Jing livejournal community, for fans of the animanga series by Yuichi Kumakura! The series is comprised of two manga sets of seven volumes apiece, 13-episode anime and a 3-episode OVA.

( r u l e s . )

Please put all spoilers, fanfiction, images larger than 400x400px, otherwise long posts, and so on under an lj-cut. For icon teasers, up to three icons is all right.

We aim for a fun, friendly atmosphere, so please - no wank or bashing of any kind regarding any subject or individual. Opinions are great, but keep it nice when expressing them.

Any posts regarding downloads (anime, manga, music, raws) or mature content should be friends-locked to the community.

Tag your posts properly; the tags page is here if needed for reference.

Advertisements, blogcrews and friending memes to a minimum, please! RPG promotions permitted behind an LJ-cut and no more than once a month.

( m o d s . )

Community is being maintained by aztec, originally created by burnout_girl. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to affiliate with this community, feel free to contact me via private message.

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