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Jing: King Of Bandits
give me a kir royale!
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「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
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[43] Avatar the Last Airbender
[20] Black Lagoon
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[21] King of Bandits Jing
[17] The Last Unicorn

( and a song someone sings, once upon a december )
This is an AMV I made two years ago for Jing! Hope you guys Enjoy!

Also, working on a Jing Cosplay as well! I'll be the King of Bandits himself, and I'll be working on different Variants of him:

King of Bandits Jing
Twilight Tales Volume 7 Jing
Seventh Heaven Jing
Full Kir Royale Pose Twilight Tales Variant.

And my girlfriend will be cosplaying as Picon! I'll post cosplay pics up when its completed by January!
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[136] Icons
[45] Avatar the Last Airbender
[70] Code Geass [spoilers for R2 21 & one icon NSFW]
[21] King of Bandits Jing [fanart]

(does it make you happy, you're so strange)

because there has to be other people besides me, ankhutenshi and inksmears in this fandom
08.31.08 - [97] B&W Bases
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[97] Bases
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[49] Jing
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[6] Sugar

(another world awaits you)
08.29.08(no subject)
Mods, if this isn't allowed, please feel free to remove! (:

WASTELAND a multifandom post-apocalypse roleplayCollapse )
Community: 50_themes
Characters: Jing + Kir (friendship category)
Fandom: King of Bandits Jing

Full list of themes can be found HERE. X-posted to 50_themes, ankhutenshi, kingofbandit


Title: The Space Between
Theme: #24 - Can't Deny It
Notes: 2012 words, finished Aug 13/08.

( And what doesn't kill you, it makes you linger and it makes you wonder... )
08.10.08 - [12] KOBJ Icons
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[136] Icons
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[21] Code Geass
[12] King of Bandits Jing
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(we watch the world devoured in its pain)
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
Sorry for spamming the community! But inspiration has struck, oh yes.

Title; Three Sided Mirror
Author; inksmears
Fandom; King of Bandits Jing
Rate; PG13 [overall] :: PG [this chapter]
Genre; Action/Adventure/Romance
Pairing; Eventually JingxCassis
Summary; Jing and Kir set out to steal a book that details the origins of Aquavitae, but the two thieves had no idea just how important a role they play in their world's past, present and future. AU-ish--eventually JingxCassis

(chapter I :: something in sambuca)
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
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[27] Black Cat
[21] Code Geass
[31] Jigoku Shoujo
[31] King of Bandits Jing

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(we are strangers to the gravity of love)
Apologies for spamming the comm! >.> I am having too much fun. ♥

Series: King of Bandits Jing
Character: Jing
Source Credit: Twilight Tales Volume 3
Tools: Photoshop 7
Time: 2 hours

( I'd pick up the pieces but some scattered too far... )

Cross-posted: manga_colors kingofbandit
Series: King of Bandits Jing
Character: Jing
Source Credit: Twilight Tales Volume 3
Tools: Photoshop 7
Time: 3-4 hours

( Something's getting in the way // something's just about to break... )

✘ Cross-posted: manga_colors kingofbandit
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[111 Icons]
[15] Black Lagoon
[36] Code Geass
[27] XxxHolic
[14] Jigoku Shoujo
[18] King of Bandits Jing

001 002 003

@ sharp_pastels

(you've been all over and it's been all over you)
06.14.08 - KOBJ Mood Theme
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
I made a KOBJ mood theme and it's free for the taking. Just please credit me if you use it. Thank you kindly.


My first installment into my 24HT claim (about time I actually wrote something for the community I've been running for over a year, right?)

@ 24hour_themes
Theme: 07:00 | 7AM | Hope, improved insight and perspective.
Title: Disclosure
Fandom: King of Bandits Jing
Character/Pairing: Jing x Cassis
Category: Romantic
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sort of prose-y? N/A
Disclaimer: KOBJ belongs to Yuichi Kumakura.
Summary: In which Jing receives information from a likely yet surprising source.

( It was a lazy summer evening in Ginelico... )

It's an age of piracy like you've never seen it before.

On the floating continent of Reial, tensions run high as two opposing countries stand on the verge of war. To the west, there's Vohemar, a land that supports so few laws that it's made a nation of cutthroats and scoundrels. To the east, there's Ivona, a refined country that remains a leader in production and technology, yet the corruption here reaches deeper than most can imagine. Some choose not to pick a side at all, and either help or hinder either side depending on their whims.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A multifandom AU game focused around airships, with a steampunk setting. Completely remade from its previous version. Apply now and join us for the game's start on June 4th!

Game Information

Rules ¤ Taken/Wanted ¤ Reservations ¤ Application

Faction Information ¤ Ship Crew List

FAQ ¤ Geography ¤ Glossary

Friends Add ¤ Pimping Code ¤ Hiatus/Mod Contact Post

We've got Jing and Kir on reserve now and would love more!
05.08.08 - [27] KOBJ Icons
「misc」☇we're all a bit mad
[125] Icons
[38] Avatar: The Last Airbender
[21] Code Geass
[17] CLAMP
[27] King of Bandits Jing
[16] Jigoku Shoujo
[06] Misc.

001 002 003

(the day you see her, a lovely stranger)

(x-posted a few places, sorry!)
04.02.08 - Icons!
ghost in the shell: stand alone complex
Even tho this community is... ah... kinda quiet, I figured I'd spice stuff up with some icons. Enjoy!

Got a bunch of icons over at my journal, thought you folks would appreciate 'em.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So Fake

03.15.08 - oops
thx for replying in the comments... sorry for the redundant post.

moving on...

i love the music in King of Bandit Jing, especially the fight sequence music. i cant tell if the vocalist is singing in engrish or nihongo but it sounds like he's saying

i love to burn in fire
i love to burn in fire

its time to kill the wino

i always laugh when i hear it... do you know what he's really saying?
you know, the mc? the guy with the giant rocky horror lips for a head? from the masquerade ball of zaza? anybody remember that one?
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